About me

Croatian by origin, I arrived in Italy in 2018 with the idea of gaining work experience and learning more about Italian culture and language, but I soon fell in love with this country and decided to stay.

After seasonal work as a receptionist, where I used English almost exclusively, I decided to take the idea of learning Italian a little more seriously and go beyond my streak on duolingo.

Thanks to the rapid progress of my language skills, new opportunities opened up for me: I changed jobs, progressing from the more manual ones (where the lack of language knowledge did not pose a real problem) to those where communication was quite important (for example when I was part of a kitchen team).

I always liked learning, so naturally, as soon as I reached a decent level of Italian, I decided to enrol in a 3D technical design course at Fondazione OSF.

Why 3D technical design, you ask?

There are multiple motivators that led me to this decision:
1. Having done interior design in high school, I already had experience with 3D design software (mainly AutoCAD), so it was a sort of an upgrade to my existing knowledge.
2.. I liked the idea of a bit more technical approach to design, which differed from my previous experiences (where it was mostly creative).
3. A quick market research had given quite favorable results for job opportunities in this sector.

This three month course included a one month internship for which I was placed in Klarco, a small Italian company (specialised in faucet production) under a bigger american company T&S. After the internship was concluded, given the positive feedback from both the company and myself, I signed a contract and remained as an employee there for the following two years.

The experience in Klarco brought me to the current point in my career in a very unexpected way. Besides my daily tasks as a part of the R & D team, I was a part of a small team tasked with creating a platform for the optimisation of requests between various organisational units of the company. This has given me the opportunity to work close to the IT section of the company, which has sparked my already existing interest in programming.

Thanks to these exciting experiences, I decided to further deepen my knowledge and devote myself fully to programming, enrolling in the front-end developer course at ITS Alto Adriatico.